I Believe in Submarines


Photo credits to Jairian Ka’ahuani  

Howdy tank from Wildfox/ Pleather shorts from Forever 21/ Flannel from Hollister/ Gifted knee highs/ Doc Martins from the Rosebowl

If you’ve ever listened to The Lumineers aside from their radio poison, “Ho Hey“, you’d understand how this outfit came to be. Their music reminded me of fields of flowers, oversized clothing, and side boobage. A lot, of side boobage; essentially everything comforting and relaxing to a girl!
They never said that grunge couldn’t be feminine. Oh, and excuse the knee brace. I’m coming off an injury and aside from floral crowns and Doc Martins for the spring, it’s also become a necessity. Aside from attempting to be fashion forward while trying to hide the bandage wraps, athletic tape and knee braces galore, I’d like to mention the juxtaposition of pleather versus fine cotton that the photos above fail to capture. Black on black is never a tiring trend, especially in the Spring, if you play around with textures. 

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