Anime Expo: Day 1 (Gunner Yuna)

Never have I been the type to indulge in the ~world of cosplaying~; I always left that in the past during my shameful Otaku days, which seems to be silently resurfacing as of late. Alas, I was able to fulfill my fourth grade dreams of attending Anime Expo for the first time with my best friends. However, I didn’t realize how similar cosplaying was to fashion. I cosplayed as Gunner Yuna from Final Fantasy X/X-2 and strangely enough, after strutting around with a half skirt, fake vinyl go-go boots and being called “Yuna” all day, I unabashedly admit that I’ve adopted the character as my own. 

What made me impeccably proud of my last minute stressing over the fact that I had to make everything a month prior (when most usually start when the previous expo ends) and from scratch, was the number of expo attendees who fan girled for a photo. I couldn’t go from point A to B without getting stopped every 5 minutes. (I sincerely apologize to my friends for the consistent delays! You guys make me happy) I couldn’t even leave the convention since I had so many last minute photoshoots I hope to share with you guys soon.

If you were at AX or took my picture, let me know! I’d love to touch base with you!

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