Burgundy on the Rocks


American Apparel box cut blouse | Scoop skirt | Urban Outfitters lace triangle bra | Reflection strappy heels


Forever 21 detailed long sleeve (Find similar here) | High waisted sheer skirt | H&M wood heeled booties
So black isn’t all that I wear. 
Burgundy is a great substitute, not just for the fall, but for the holidays. It’s classy, versatile, appropriate for any occasion and did I mention, classy? 

 Here, I styled the shade two different ways in what I would wear for Thanksgiving. Take what you will. 
 The scoop skirt (Which I’m thinking of doing a DIY post on. What do you guys think?) shows off some leg while still being conservative with its asymmetrical cut. It makes office wear much more wearable! 
Yay. Wearable. 

 In my second outfit, I juxtaposed a long sleeved sheer blouse with a high waisted skirt to accentuate not just my legs but my waist as well. Shout out to my shorties out there. 

 What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Yeo says:

    Agreed on that bit about burgundy. It's practically the new black. That structured skirt complemented that first top nicely, good job on styling it! I'm quite fond of the look.
    Also love those shots, especially those ones with sunglare. x


  2. Poly duex says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Rachel! xx What are your plans for today?


  3. Poly duex says:

    Thank you so much! xx


  4. Mai says:

    The second set of pictures are so nice! the lighting makes it so so dreamy *_*



  5. Poly duex says:

    Thank you! xx It's hard to get any kind of light with this kind of weather lately.


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