2013 in Review

I tried my best to include as many highlights of my year as possible but this year was definitely a learning experience. 

From getting initiated into Phi Sigma Sigma and even adopting a little sapphire later on, to coaching my high school’s dance team, becoming captain of my university’s dance team and directing my own project, hosting a Naked Lady Party for donations to a local church, to working two jobs; one in which I opened the first UO Surplus store in the West Coast, to going to Anime Expo for the first time and cosplaying as my favorite characters, getting featured in La Vogue, becoming the face of Ben’s Bad Ass Alterations to restarting Polydeux with Katrina, then taking it on myself. 

This year has challenged me a lot and has definitely questioned my character. It’s safe to say that I’m happy with the experimentation and am ready to embrace the new year with open arms. Thank you to everyone who has gotten me to where I am now. You are what’s made everything possible. I am so blessed and cannot wait to do more. 

“Everyday is a new life lesson to learn”

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