Y.R.P. In Position.

I’ve always been embarrassed to share with others my love for anime and video games, especially when it comes to cosplaying. It’s not the most common hobby, but it has taken a while for me to embrace my nerdy passion. 

“You have to really fall in love with the character to be able to bring it to life.”

I remember falling in love with Yuna when I was in middle school and how I related to her harmonious character aside from her being well-rounded. I found too many similarities in her that she just became real to me. 
I’ve found cosplaying closely related to fashion in the sense that it’s also an art of expression. Except cosplaying involves a lot more DIY-ing, a little less glitter and ten times the hot glue than fashion is supposed to.

Thank you Michelle for being my other half and the best Rikku I’ve seen.
Photography by Tiffanie Marie Chow

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