Pastel Princess

I’ve never been a fan of Taylor Swift. Mostly because her songs were the epitome of messy relationships and her lyrics were guidelines for how to handle the prepubescent love lives of 11 year-olds.
It wasn’t until I read an interview from her in Time Magazine when I converted to the religion of pop culture’s glitter babies. She wrote about the process of recording her album and how she attacked it with the perspective of a songwriter rather than a celebrity, and therefore allowed herself to tune into her emotions. By doing that, she was able to escape fame’s dark hole of doubt and fear.
I’ve been struggling a lot with wanting to always come up with next best thing. I have, at times, lost myself in the depths of social media, seeing my blogger friends getting sponsored here, meeting with a brand there, and feeling as though everyone and everything was my competition. It reminded me of this conversation I had with an internet friend of mine who told me that as long as I’m true to myself, there is no competition.
Photography by Randy Tran

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Y. says:

    Take it from me Mariel, there is no competition for you. I'd like to think everyone is in a league of their own; of their own self-improvement and success. 🙂


  2. Poly duex says:

    I really adore your responses, Rachel! They're always so concise and thoughtful. You are one of the reasons why I keep going. 🙂


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