Highly Caffeinated

Leather jacket and purse via H&M 

A few weeks ago, I decided that maybe instead of buying a cup of watered down Starbucks coffee at school every day, which is almost the equivalent of buying packs of cigarettes, I thought that maybe I should make some in my hotel room. Today, I currently have an almost half empty jug of Arabic coffee from Trader Joe’s sitting in my fridge and have conformed into a more frequent coffee fanatic, or how some others like to call it: an addict.

This is probably the closest I’m going to get to an AA meeting but the cup I’m holding in the picture above is called a mouthful of French words I wish I could pronounce. It was apparently the first step to taking espresso shots like you would vodka on a good day.

The effects are both the same.

Also I did my first not-vlog here:

Photography by Randy Tran

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  1. Rachel Y. says:

    These are gorgeous shots, especially with warm neutral tones all round. Whoever takes your photos deserves a medal – and I'll be astounded if it's you, but all equally deserving 🙂 x
    On a side note, the Affiliates Page will be up in early December in case you were wondering! Haven't forgotten about that.


  2. Danika Maia says:

    You look fab I love your tattoo!! I miss Starbucks so much there are only one or two in the city of Copenhagen and it's super expensive so I never make my way there! But I drink a lot of instant coffee at home (even though my boyfriend has a really nice espresso machine) and he gets so annoyed with me haha I can see his eyes rolling now…

    Danika Maia


  3. Poly duex says:

    Aww thank you so much! This actually wasn't at Starbucks but I'm sure the coffee in Copenhagen is even more delicious than here! hahah. I envy that your boyfriend has an espresso machine to being with!


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