Polydeux (pronounced poh-lee-dew) meaning two people’s many styles, was originally established as a joint blog by Mariel Cornel alongside high school best friend in early August 2012. However, it quickly transformed into a platform of inspiration for creatives and fashion creatures alike.  

Experienced in social media marketing, copywriting and e-commerce, Mariel collaborates with brands by taking on versatile roles as a model, brand ambassador, product influencer and content creator. She is also a dancer, slam poet, second degree black belt holder, sorority member and Communications, Public Relations and Creative Writing double major.

Influencer Mariel Cornel has established her strong presence in the fashion industry with her trademark contemporary and high-end street-influenced style combined with an engaging and active voice and creative visuals by photographer Justin Quebral.

Polydeux represents the coming together of ideas, styles and values, and together, the duo works cohesively to drive the brand forward aiming to inspire the fulfillment of life to the fullest and to become forerunners of this ever-changing industry.
Primary Photographer:
Justin Quebral

Being a photographer from LA, I’m influenced by the culture’s progressive mindset. In a melting pot of ideas, anything can be made and/or built upon and I believe It’s left to our imagination to create their meanings. With that concept, I’ve sculpted my style based off what I think today is and what tomorrow could be.